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Welcome to Shibui.

Shibui stands for understanding rather than simply knowing

In today's world,, financial data is abundant but not always understood. ShibuiMarkets is a leading Global Financial Portal built on the spirit of Shibui, that is, going beyond simple facts and figures and into understanding financial information.

ShibuiMarkets is the only site of its kind focused on integrating hard-to-find fundamental financial information and discussions about companies from all over the world.

You can also visit our sports-oriented sister site: FanStreet

Our services are continually expanding.

At present, they include:


  • Emerging Markets Sovereign Bond Prices
  • Corporate Bond Prices
  • Stock Prices
  • Foreign Exchange Quotes (FX)


  • Corporate Database Screener
    (Free) Screen companies from all over the world with such criteria such as: Company Name, Operating Margin, Return on Equity, Pre Tax Income over Sales, Current Ratio and Debt/Equity.
  • Industry Overview
    (Free) Companies organized by Industry SIC codes. Learn about different industries and compare companies competing in the same field both nationally and internationally.
  • Corporate Basic Fundamental Information, "QuickView"
    (Free) A snapshot of company financials with up to three years of historical perspective. [example]


  • Corporate Discussion Forums
    (Free) Share your thoughts, ideas and information on approximately 37,000 companies from around the world. Many of these companies cannot be discussed on any other forum on the web! [example]

  • Country Discussion Forums
    (Free) Discuss the latest economic, political trends or any other aspect that you may find of interest. [example]

We encourage all members to participate in our ongoing discussion forums, use our powerful corporate screener, and peruse the many valuable reports we have offer for free, and on pay-per-view basis.

About Us

ShibuiMarkets is a subsidiary of Shibui Data Corp., a financial data distributor. Our staff has significant experience developing financial portals. In 1995 we created the world's premier site for Emerging Markets fixed income information. That portal was featured on CNBC's Power Lunch and received many accolades from Forbes, CNNfn, Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, and many others. In early 2000, we sold that business to a multinational institution.

We collaborate with leading institutions to enhance our service. For example, we have a partnership with World'Vest Base, the leading international database producer, to offer a database of fundamental information spanning 100 countries in 5 continents.

In addition, ShibuiMarkets hosts the Latin American fundamental equity database for AmericaEconomia, the leading business magazine in Latin America, through its channel.

We welcome you to ShibuiMarkets and look forward to hearing from you!

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