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INDUSTRY: Prepackaged Software
COUNTRY: United States of America

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PHONE: (1)425 882 8080
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  trader: Toto, precisely because they bought aQuantive it makes a Yahoo buy much less likely.
  ToTo: Yoo malaca, $6BN is a lot of mula but MSFT had no choice. Look at G and Y killing them online. They need to make another big buy.

IMHO they should go for Yahoo!

MSFT + YHOO = Google killer.

  malaca: So now they buy aQuantive for $6BN... the industry of online ad agencies is consolidating and it has to. Anyone who has ever been to an AdTecg conference knows that there are far too many of them and most of them don't have any economies of scale.

I don't like Google and Yahoo is too damn expensive. Maybe Microsoft can finally get it right (they haven't so far.)

  Barney: "Microsoft plans to pour $1.7 billion into India over four years and employ another 3,000 people to deepen its presence in the fast-growing software player, Chairman Bill Gates said Wednesday.

About half of the money will be spent on its existing research and development center, its global software delivery unit and expanding to 33 more cities by opening retail outlets. "

  Barney: June 7 (Bloomberg) -- Microsoft Corp., the world's largest software maker, approached SAP AG late last year about buying the German company, a combination that would have vaulted it to the biggest seller of software for business applications.
  ToTo: 2Q profit down 17%. MSFT is citing costs for a program to allow employees to sell unprofitable stock options.

Big impact today?

  martin707: "ToTo: Microsoft is still a money machine, no competition in sight."

The #'s speak $$

  ToTo: Microsoft is still a money machine, no competition in sight.
  trader: net income included $680 million in after-tax equity compensation. Excluding those charges, Microsoft earned 30 cents a share to beat the consensus of analysts surveyed by Thomson First Call who had forecast 29 cents a share.
  valueseeker: Are their profits "micro"...

First Q net income down to $2.61 billion from $2.73 billion a year ago.

and revenues "soft"...?

Sales 6.1% higher from $8.22 billion from $7.75 billion.

Is the dream coming to an end for MSFT investors?

  ToTo: Microsoft OS is full of security holes. They are more worried about coming out with a new version that they can sell than in improving security. Linux rules!
  SAVVY investor: Reuters market cap is $5.2bill. Microsoft is sitting on $38 bill in cash!!

Combine Microsoft software and Internet platform with RT content and reach to the financial industry, makes sense.

  SAVVY investor: I have a strong suspicion that Microsoft will buy REUTERS GROUP

It makes perfect sense.

  Yanqui: They have doubled the dividend payment ftom 8 cts to 16 cts. Even now it is a measly 0.6% dividend yield. Not nearly enough.
  pororo: I am not saying that I believe this but it makes interesting reading;

Microsoft is cooperating with federal authorities after concluding that the assault on its operating systems may be a terrorist attack.

  martin707: This is getting ridiculous, SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A new computer worm is spreading worldwide through a security hole in Windows -- also used by last week's Blaster worm -- but then patching the hole instead of crashing the system like Blaster does, security experts said on Monday.


  ToTo: I don't think that they do it on purpose, they are not in the antivirus business (for some reason...)

I think that the reason why their software is so buggy is because they are only interested in creating the new windows/office version with more features than anyone will ever use and then convincing us that we must upgrade.

They put all their software developement efforts into these new versions at full speed instead of investing in the robustness of the software.

  Mark Tomarket: Something else about this worm which is very interesting--it's been around for YEARS and YEARS!! Computers that were hacked in 1995 might very well have been hacked using the exploit that this worm uses. In other words, this security problem is nothing new--the only thing new about it is that now everybody knows the hole, not just the "1337 h4x0rz"
  Mark Tomarket: Maybe one day Microsoft will copy Apple in the sense that they produce an OS that can't be hacked by a typical 14 year old computer whiz kid...

I keep thinking that Microsoft puts all of these backdoors in their software on purpose, for some diabolical business motive. But no, that just doesn't make sense. Chalk it up to good old fashioned incompetance.

  ToTo: Computer users world-wide raced to protect themselves from a malicious electronic "worm," which is set to attack Microsoft Corp.'s Web site Friday in a way that could make it even harder to prevent and repair the damage. WSJ

If the blackout didn't get your computer, the worm will. Strange times indeed...

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