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This page is your access point to the entire Shibui Corporate Database. You can use this form to find a specific company, or screen tens of thousands of companies on a wide range of financal indicators. Financial data provided by World'vest Base.

  • To find a specific company by name, type the name of the company in field that reads "Enter Company Name."
  • To find values in a certain range, fill in both "min" and "max" fields for the indicator(s) you are interested in.
  • To find values greater than a certain amount, fill in the "min" field and leave the "max" field blank.
  • To find values less than a certain amount, fill in the "max" field and leave the "min" field blank.
  • Percentages, such as "Operating Margin", are expressed as numbers from 0 to 100 (and sometimes even more). Therefore, to find companies with Operating Margins greater than 20%, type "20" in the "min" field.
  • Further limit the scope of your search by selecting one more countries. You can select multiple countries by holding down "control" (ctrl) on your keyboard as you select them.
  • To focus on a specific industry, select it from the pulldown. You can do this by itself, or in conjunction with any of the searches above.

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