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Major Group 20 : Food and Kindred Products
This major group includes establishments manufacturing or processing foods and beverages for human consumption, and certain related products, such as manufactured ice, chewing gum, vegetable and animal fats and oils, and prepared feeds for animals and fowls. Products described as dietetic are classified in the same manner as non-dietetic products (e.g., as candy, canned fruits, cookies). Chemical sweeteners are classified in Major Group 28.
201* : Meat Products
202* : Dairy Products
203* : Canned, Frozen, And Preserved Fruits, Vegetables,
204* : Grain Mill Products
205* : Bakery Products
206* : Sugar And Confectionery Products
207* : Fats And Oils
208* : Beverages
209* : Miscellaneous Food Preparations And Kindred

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